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Welcome to Total Recovery Physical Therapy where quality of care is our number one goal. We use a one-on-one evidence-based approach including hands on treatments, specific exercises and patient education that will reduce your pain, help you recover faster and restore normal function so that you can accomplish your goals and get back to doing the things you love. Come see our physical therapists and receive the care that you deserve!

Come see our physical therapists
receive the care that you deserve!

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Our techniques have had positive outcomes in restoring function to acute and chronic injuries, and pre and postsurgical patients.

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Testimonials & Reviews

  • Daniel H.

    I had come pretty close to losing my leg in an accident. Once I was told to start PT, I came across Jack's practice. it was small, close to home, and since it was not a huge money making type of place, rather a more hands on and personal experience, I chose to schedule to go. I was glad I did as well, the knowledge that Jack, and his staff possess was instantly shown, the level of care felt, and I do not think I would be walking right now as well as I am if it were not for TRPT.

  • Jeanine P.

    Dr. Jack is the best DPT. I didn't think my hand and foot would ever heal, took a while but they are good as new thanks to Dr. Jack. Friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere. The new location is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Maria M.

    If you need physical therapy, this is the place to go. Don't even think of going anywhere else. I've tried several places and there is no comparison. Due to back issues, I was living in pain every moment of every day. Dr. Zuckerman has brought me to a point where I feel I have my life back. At Total Recovery, you will receive professional, hands-on, personalized care. Dr. Zuckerman is very dedicated, thorough and talented - he truly cares about your progress and well being.

  • Danielle M.

    Dr. Z is very knowledgeable and My Son Mike always feels better once he leaves. We would not go anywhere else!

  • Michele K.

    Dr. Zuckerman's kind and caring approach to PT is very much tailored to your specific pain or injury needs. He provides highly personalized attention and is very good at really listening to your pain and mobility issues. His approach is very hands-on and targeted - your treatment is not at all about being hooked up to machines and left to lie there. Instead, Dr. Zuckerman homes in on the root of the problem and really helps your body to repair itself. I unreservedly recommend Total Recovery PT to everyone.

  • Toni B.

    I came to Dr. Z after a wrist injury from dance and I was in a brace for about 2-3 months. Treatment was intense but Dr. Z made it fun. After 3 months of PT with Dr. Z, yesterday for one of our dance classes we had a push-up competition and I was able to participate when about a little more than a month ago I wasn't able to put weight on my wrist. Dr. Z is awesome and I had a great experience at Total Recovery PT.