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"When I began my chiropractic and physical therapy at TRPT last February, I was almost incapacitated with lower back and hip pain. After only several weeks, I was feeling better enough to be able to continue my high school teaching job which had been uncertain during the preceding months of exhaustion and suffering. I give great credit to Dr. Larry Peters, my chiropractor; Dr. Dan, my acupuncturist; Antonio, my physical threrapist; and Holly, the warm-hearted, optimistic, exuberant assistant in the chiropractic office. They are extremely special and talented individuals. In fact, I must state that everyone with whom I've been working at TRPT has been friendly, courteous, professional, patient, and quite knowledgeable. I highly recommend placing your trust in them to assist you in ameliorating any problematic condition(s) that may be hampering your well-being and your quality of life. "
Oct 21, 2023
"I have been coming to total recovery after a rotator cuff repair. I was told by one doctor that my chances of recovery were maybe about 75-80% ! Thanks to Total Recovery Physical Therapy, I have 100% of my range of motion! Confirmed by my surgeon yesterday.(That’s more than I had before my rotator cuff tore.) I am currently working on building up my strength. I can’t say enough good things about “TRPT” they truly care about helping their clients like they are family. My wife first started with Jack the owner of TRPT, after she went to Kessler, institute outpatient physical therapy and was told she was done with therapy after a knee replacement. To spite she was still unable to move around well and found Jack to do “hands on physical therapy” and get her back in shape in “2016” when he was in a small office by himself. Since then she has gone to TRPT through a hip and two shoulder replacement surgeries. He has built a fantastic team of Physical therapist and assistant’s to his practice. Even expanding the practice to include other forms of therapy that can help patients get better. "
Jun 21, 2023
"My occupational therapist Joe has been very encouraging after my intricate carpel tunnel surgery. He has used hand massage therapy to loosen my scar tissue; moist heat therapy to loosen my muscles; and he’s exercised my hand through multiple manipulatives for me to regain my fine motor skills which were initially lost after my surgery. Everyone is very welcoming , also. It’s a calm and clean atmosphere which is conveniently located near my home in the center of town near my children’s school. "
Jun 09, 2023
"These people are miracle workers I started therapy having been told I mite need surgery to fix my problem not only did they help me recover without a surgery they did it in no time at all this is the place and these are the people that will get you where you want to be good Luck"
May 09, 2023
"I was given great service from the first phone call to verify insurance and schedule an appointment. I deal mostly with Alex and I have been seeing results. She is knowledgeable, caring and easy to work with. I had numerous issues to work on, and she devised an effective plan. I have pain and lack of strength and movement after a disability. She has been instrumental to me improving faster than i anticipated. I've dealt with Mike a few times with good results, he is also knowledgeable, caring, and easy to work with. He's gotten me to make progress as well. I worked with Lucas once and he has the same qualities I've mentioned. On to the assistants, I work mostly with Ray. He is also knowledgeable and helpful. Always good for instruction on how to properly go through the assigned exercises. Since he's outgoing , he's easy to be around and helps with having to be there for a visit. I worked with Tori a couple times recently, and she has made very good suggestions to keep improving with her deal of experience in the field while being easy to work with. Dara and Ardeet (spelling?) were only my assistant a couple times, and they gave been easy to deal with as well as knowledgeable with instruction, and suggestions. Lauren and Christina at the front desk are always a pleasure. The one time being connected with billing, I was treated very well and the issue was resolved. The owner has put a tremendous group of people around him. You can't go wrong looking to these professionals for your needs. "
Apr 07, 2023
"My experience at TRPT is excellent. Eveyone is supper nice ,friendly and very professional. Most of all very knowledgeable. Best place ever"
Feb 13, 2023
"Lucas has helped me so much with my shoulder issues. All the assistants are so helpful and encouraging. "
Feb 03, 2023
"I have been receiving excellent care from TRPT over the past 2 years under the person centered focus staff of the Owner Dr. Jack Zuckerman, PT,DPT, Cert. DN. I will highlight Dr. Katarina Erlandsson, PT, DPT, OCS. Dr. Erlandsson, “Kat”, exudes expertise in her clinical skills interlaced with clinical reasoning to provide compassionate treatment that captures her clients needs to recover and attain their desired occupations and activities. Mary Falzarano, OT, PhD"
Feb 02, 2023
"I am grateful to have found Dr. Larry Peters, Chiropractor, at TRPT. In the past I have not found chiropractors to be helpful for my muscular skeletal issues or taking into account my multiple medical issues. Yet Dr. Peters gained my trust in his compassionate and gentle care, extensive knowledge of the whole body, listening to my concerns and my response to the modalities he skillfully provides. If you are at all apprehensive about chiropractic care, I highly recommend Dr. Peters. Mary Falzarano, OT, PhD"
Feb 02, 2023
"I would like to thank everyone at TRPT for their kindness and support. I have been treated by various therapists. Dr. Zuckerman has helped gain confidence in my step and balance and helped me when I was suffering from vertigo. He is a great therapist. Michael Gerstley has been helping me with gait training and with my weak knee. Everyone at TRPT is very supportive. They are courteous and professional. I am very thankful. "
Jan 25, 2023
"I have been going to Total Recovery Physical Therapy for several years. Each experience has been very positive. I can truly say that the various therapies have helped me greatly. I avoided shoulder surgery after Dr. Zuckerman treated me with specific exercises to relieve pain and to strengthen my body in general. I had Trigger Point Dry therapy and LightForce Laser Therapy which helped me a lot and gave me back full range mobility. I have continued to go to TRPT to treat other problems. So far, acupuncture has done wonders for me both physically and I believe emotionally as well. Acupuncturist Lisa Smith is just another one of Dr. Zuckerman's team of miracle workers. She is very well versed and literally pinpoints the problem. She recently helped me get through a flare up of sciatica. She truly makes the mind body connection and is very knowledgeable about diet and aromatherapy. I always walk out feeling like renewed. I highly recommend Lisa. "
Jan 25, 2023
"I have been receiving excellent care from TRPT over the past 2 years under the person centered focus staff of the Owner Dr. Jack Zuckerman, PT,DPT, Cert. DN. I will highlight Dr. Katarina Erlandsson, PT, DPT, OCS. Dr. Erlandsson, “Kat”, exudes expertise in her clinical skills interlaced with clinical reasoning to provide compassionate treatment that captures her clients needs to recover and attain their desired occupations and activities. Mary Falzarano, OT, PhD"
Jan 20, 2023
"I highly recommend Jack, his staff, and their facility. They are very professional, but yet they make you feel like you are part of their family. I had rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery in January 2022 and they made quick work of my recovery. I retained full motion and 90 percent strength within 5 months after my surgery. Jack and his staff are extremely knowledgeable in their craft. They are always learning new techniques and have the latest equipment to help you recover even faster. Again, I highly recommend Total Recovery Physical Therapy. Thank you to Jack and his entire team in getting me back to normal in such a short period of time. "
Jul 05, 2022
"Excellent facility and staff. Dr. Kat and her team are consumate professionals that really know their business. I truly believe that due to my physical therapy sessions with her, I avoided ankle surgery. Every person encountered was professional, pleasant and helpful. I hope I don't get any other injuries, but if I do, I know where I'm headed. Thank you Dr. Kat for a great experience and helping me heal!"
Jun 20, 2022
"Total Recovery is truly an excellent clinic with wonderful staff across the board. Jack is a highly skilled, intuitive therapist, with advanced practice methods. It is the only place I trust with my PT needs. My husband and I have used TRPT 4 times already, and highly recommend Jack and staff to anyone we know looking for therapy. That speaks for itself. "
Apr 14, 2022
"Lisa Smith is a great acupuncturist at Total Recovery. She explains every step she takes to help you heal. Her approach is holistic: she talks you through the healing process and it is truly and mind body healing experience. She creates a very calming ambiance and caters to your preferences in music and aroma therapy. I recently recommended Lisa to a few friends and highly recommend her to anyone who needs to free themselves from pain. Thanks to Dr. Zuckerman for adding her to his magnificent team. "
Apr 05, 2022
"Total Recovery is a really great place for physical therapy. I have been to several other PT places and Total Recovery ranks among the best. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. You get allot of personal attention and everything is so very targeted for your situation. I came after double hip replacement for lingering issues which they completely understood and helped. Now I’m looking forward to using them next month after my total knee replacement surgery. I highly recommend!"
Apr 02, 2022
"I am so grateful to Dr. Jack Zuckerman for his expertise in treating my shoulder injuries. This is the third time that I have required physical therapy for various injuries. I had laser therapy and I believe that helped me a lot in gaining more range of motion and it relieved the pains that limited my physical activities. Dr. Zuckerman does not let you give up and will always create a very personalized treatment. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes time to explain the techniques he employs for yes, a "total recovery". His team is composed of very professional and highly skilled therapists including acupuncture and chiropractic specialists. I also receive acupuncture treatments. Lisa is wonderful and uses a holistic approach. Dr. Zuckerman is to be commended for setting the professional tone at Total Recovery and his team works cohesively and effectively. Everyone is very personable and friendly. I highly recommend Total Recovery. "
Mar 30, 2022
"I started with Total Recovery a few years ago when I had a knee injury and Dr. Jack Zuckerman helped me regain strength and relieved a lot of the pain I was having. He helped me also with vertigo. I am currently going to him for gait training and I feel that my balance is a lot better. he challenges me and knee is stronger and doesn't buckle like it used to. Everyone at Total Recovery is friendly and they work as team. Quiero expresar en español mi gratitude al Dr. Zuckerman y a todos los terapistas que trabajan en conjunto. Tratan a uno con respecto. Escuchan cuidadosamente y tratan que uno salga de cada sesión con éxito. Esta es la segunda vez que he recibido tratamiento y recomiendo los servicios sin ninguna reservación. "
Mar 30, 2022
"TRPT is very efficient in their procedures during recovery, out of all the physical therapy places I’ve been too, this is definitely the best. Very kind and well versed staff "
Mar 22, 2022
"Just wanted to let you know that I find all the staff at TRPT to be both professional and personable. I am extremely pleased with the way my needs have been addressed, beginning with my initial evaluation several weeks ago and continuing through the modifications made to my program as needed. A special shout out to Kat who has crafted my program. My experience here has been so much better than I had at two other PT facilities where they seemed to offer a 'canned' program for someone my age who was experiencing back and knee problems. Here, I am watched and listened to, and I am very pleased with the progress I see."
Feb 25, 2022
"I came to TPT after years of shoulder pain and uncertainty that anyone could help. All the staff has been welcoming and helpful. They never push me too hard and know how athletes are so they aren't too restrictive. I can't recommend this place enough!"
Oct 24, 2021
"Total recovery is the best. Everyone that works there is friendly, professional and extremely helpful. "
Jul 10, 2021
"I would just like to take this opportunity to share my appreciation and high praises of the entire team at “Total Recovery Physical Therapy”. One cannot say enough about the friendly but very professional atmosphere. Every time I walk through the door I know that everyone has my best interest in mind; which is why I’ve been a patient for about an entire year to date. I highly recommend this facility to anyone and everyone that has that “nagging” issue that any previous establishment hasn’t been able to pinpoint. I could write an entire story about these fantastic people but I would recommend you experience it for yourself. 🙂 "
Jul 02, 2021
"Highly recommend!!! I could not be happier with my decision to go to TRPT. This is my first experience with physical therapy and from the first day they made me feel welcome & important. The staff is so accommodating. Dr. Jack is very knowledgeable & everyone is friendly & professional and the care is hands on and personalized. All of the physical therapists are great to work with. Their dedication and service are above and beyond. The facility is spotless. I know that physical therapy is tough, but thanks to TRPT for making it an awesome experience for me. I am learning so many wonderful things from my experience and I can't thank them enough."
Jun 29, 2021
"just nowNEW I almost wish I need pt and acupuncture all the time so I can keep coming here! I'm mainly getting acupuncture and Danny has really been a great provider. It's something I have been wanting to try for various reasons and I'm so glad I found this group. Making an appointment was a breeze, my insurance benefits were checked prior to my first visit and continuing appointments are already set before you leave. For anyone on the fence about trying acupuncture please do you won't regret it and go here!"
Jun 07, 2021
"Danny and Jack are very knowledgeable in their craft. They are also patient and friendly."
Jun 02, 2021
"Jack and Danny have spent a lot of time working with me to get me out of pain and back to the activities I love. Thank you! They tailor each session to the limitations, needs and personality of the individual. Pushing when needed, or modifying an exercise that is causing discomfort. I’ve worked with a number of physical therapists over the years, and they are the best. They treat each patient as if they are their only patient. They have been very accommodating and worked with me and my insurance company to manage costs. I like the different treatments offered like acupuncture, which has really added to the benefits I’ve gotten from stretching, massage and exercise."
May 08, 2021
"Minassian My experience with Total Recovery is a positive one. I am so glad that I found Total Recovery Physical Therapy. Danny Burbano has been my therapist and he is very knowledgeable, caring and passionate about his job! He gave me routines to practice at home which has been super helpful. His approach is very hands on and targeted. Dr. Jack was very helpful and gave me a very clear explanation of my shoulder pain. The staff is extremely nice and professional. I highly recommend Totally Recovery! You will be happy you did!"
May 01, 2021
"Dr. Jack has helped me recovery from several injuries. His knowledge and techniques are so extensive that I chose to travel very far to go only to his facility. I originally went to his previous location years ago where my total recovery from a torn rotator cuff amazed my orthopedic doctor. I am now being treated for my lower back and off all the pain medicine my orthopedist prescribed! Through therapy and acupuncture my results are astonishing.. The new location in Little Falls is amazing along with his very caring staff!"
Mar 30, 2021
"I made an excellent choice a few months ago to go to Total Recovery to improve my alignment and strengthen my hips. I wanted to be able to do mile long walks and hike. The results have been great. The Doctors and staff are caring and knowledgeable and make every visit fun and enjoyable. Moving forward I plan to make Total Recovery part of my maintenance program for overall good health. "
Mar 17, 2021
"Because of cervical spine issues I have had a lot of PT, and 2 surgeries, going back to 2009. Danny, Jack, Sariah, Nancy and Stefania are top notch and knowledgeable professionals. Total Recovery does not utilize a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach to physical therapy. They are constantly assessing your progress and will adjust their approach. Additionally, they also coach and educate you, explaining how and why you require their services. Finally, everyone at Total Recovery is friendly, which is an extra plus. "
Mar 07, 2021
"So where should I begin? Well, at the age of 40 I start to realize that bending to tie my shoe lace or just picking up a 20 pounds dumbbell wasn't what it use to be when I was 39 which wasn't so long ago. That's when I knew there was a problem and I needed to seek medical help. I spoke to my doctor and she recommended physical therapy. I asked my best friend "Google" to show me some good physical therapist near me, first I came across another place which I visited but they did not met my expectations at all so I called my insurance and they referred me to Total Recovery PT. Now let me tell you about Total Recovery PT, from the very first day I called and spoke with Saray I believed her name was, I was impressed. She was extremely friendly, polite and professional. On my first visit I was greeted by Nancy who was no different, sweet, friendly and just kept me laughing, I barely waited to be helped after I checked in. Simon, very knowledgeable, evaluated me and went over some important points to help me understand my issues and my treatment options. On my second visit I met Danny another PT, very professional and funny and the list goes on I met Jack who worked with me on my 4th visit, surprisingly I found out a week later that he is the owner. He was so easy going I didn't even know he was the owner. Brandon worked with me a few times, I love his verbal persuasions and his professionalism. Overall every visits so far have exceeded my expectations, excellent service, great laughter, very clean and spacious facility, and great people. I definitely would recommend Total Recovery PT to anyone considering physical therapy. lastly I must say I now feel like a new person. Thank you all you guys definitely ROCK! and are gonna be missed. "
Mar 04, 2021
"I started coming here in the fall 2019 after a total replacement shoulder surgery. They are much more professional than other PT establishments I have gone to. They did so well with my shoulder recovery I had no qualms about moving forward with a double knee replacement. I knew I was in great hands! They worked with me both pre and post surgery! The entire PT staff including support staff are all top notch!"
Mar 04, 2021
"My 14 year old daughter had meniscus surgery back in October...started here at TRPT in November. We could not be any happier with how her recovery has progressed. She has worked with Danny at least 3 times a week and his approach to her recovery has been amazing and spot on. She is going to resume sports soon as a stronger athlete than before. The entire staff has been wonderful and in many ways contributed to her recovery. I highly recommend TRPT. "
Feb 09, 2021
"My experience with Total Recovery is a positive one. The facility is clean, the staff professional and friendly, and best of all the outcome is just what I had hoped for. After weeks of PT and Laser Therapy, I have regained much of the mobility I had lost and no longer have the pain I had when I started. Dr. Zuckerman was thorough in his evaluation and both he and Danny are knowledgeable, caring therapists. During the process, exercises were tweaked, as needed and were staff supervised to make certain I did them correctly. Best of all, I now have an at home routine in place to maintain my pain and mobility. I highly recommend Total Recovery. "
Feb 03, 2021
"Couldn't be happier with my decision to go to Total Recovery PT. Everyone there is top notch and they truly care about you as a person. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating. Danny is who I have seen for predominantly the last 3-4 months. He is awesome! Really took the time to understand what was hurting and came up with a plan to get me on the right road to recovery. My pain is almost non-existent and I've felt the best I have felt in a long time thanks to Danny and the team at guys (and girls) rock!"
Feb 02, 2021
"Dr. Jack is awesome! When I first Arrived at Total Recovery, I could barely walk due to a herniated disc. Jack’s caring and knowledge helped me to get my life back and be able to move pain-free. He truly cares about his patients and it shows. Jack and his staff are excellent!!! I’ve been to other physical therapists in the past, but none of them compare to Total Recovery. Thanks Dr. Jack!"
Jan 20, 2021
"So glad that I found Total Recovery Physical Therapy. Dr. Z and the entire staff are so welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly. I have been to other places in the past but have never gotten such personal attention as I have here. I had surgery for spinal stenosis and they have really helped me recover. Also the place is spotless and I feel safe there. I highly recommend them. "
Jan 03, 2021
"I came into Total Recovery with some serious injuries that I didn't think I would recover from. I was given careful attention by Dr. Jack and Danny Burbano and they helped me get my stubborn body back on track to mobility and strength. I can't thank them enough for the help and am very grateful for everything they taught me."
Dec 26, 2020
"I went to Total Recovery to get treatment for my vertigo. It was a last minute appointment but they made it happened. The staff was very nice and helpful on the phone. They set up an appointment that will work with your schedule. It was my first therapy experience and it did not disappoint. The facility was so clean and again.. everyone was so nice and professional. Jack was very helpful and gave me a very clear explanation of my condition. Having him explain what was happening and how I could get better gave me a big relief.. He taught me a few exercises that I can do at home as well. I highly recommend Total Recovery PT"
Dec 01, 2020
"Jack was awesome. Within a few quick questions he narrowed down my shoulder pain and we worked on simple exercises and I immediately felt the tension in my shoulder go away. I feel great."
Nov 09, 2020
"Jack and his staff are amazing! Incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I have had to undergo two significant surgeries, and due to their services, I have made a full recovery on both. I highly recommend this team - THEY ARE FANTASTIC!! "
Oct 16, 2020
"I had vertigo for 10 years & wherever I went, nobody could fix my problem but Dr. Mo took care of it. I’ll recommend them to anyone who asks me & if in the future I need physical therapy again, I will definitely go back to Total Recovery PT!"
Oct 04, 2020
"Total Recovery is a prefect name! After rotator cuff surgery with torn bicep tendon repair I looked for the best Physical Therapy practice and I found it. Under the direction of DR. Jack Zuckerman total recovery got me back to full use with no pain. Jack and his skilled team worked with me hands on with a program they designed individually for me. I was always made to feel comfortable, welcome and never rushed. The facility is bright,clean and open with plenty of room to work out. I would highly recommend Total Recovery to my family,friends or anyone looking for PT. Thank You Dr.Z and team for a great experience. "
Aug 03, 2020
"The experience I had with my therapy at TRPT was second to none! The amazing staff is exceptionally friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Jack is creative and takes time to make sure you understand situations and the reasons behind your injury/recovery. I always felt like my best interests and goals were always on his mind and I never felt rushed or pushed aside. While being at TRPT I felt as if I had a little family away from home with the therapists and girls always checking in. The place itself is very clean, welcoming, and very well taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Jack and TRPT and I if need therapy again in the future I won't hesitate to return. "
Jun 03, 2020
"for 3 years I had a pinched nerve which resulted in having a semi emergency neck surgery in November Replacing my C5/C6 disc with a complete fake disc. I am 35 years old and was basically bed ridden for a month.. When I was ready to get physical therapy i called upon Total Recovery. They were the perfect solution. Prior to TRPT I had been to 3 Physical Therapy offices 2 Chiropractors, and had 3 epidurals. I felt it was hopeless. I was truly unhappy with the other physical therapy offices, not because they didn't know what they were doing but i felt like a number instead of a patient. I did not feel this way when from the first to the final appt at TRPT. At my first appt, the owner, Dr. Z., did a full analysis, studied my previous MRI results, reviewed my serious surgery, explained in full detail his process, my program, the goals and answered any questions I had. The 2 other respective PTs and their assistants took the same time and care. They knew all about my situation. They even call to remind you of your appointment the day before. If your appt is at 5:30, you are seen at 5:30 and not 5:45. Very punctual which is fantastic. They send you automated receipts for your books and the parking lot in the back is a great additional bonus when looking for parking on Main Street! They try to run a 2-3 patient program per hour, making sure each patient received individual time on the table with the Dr. going over where you stand what you did last time. personal massage and work then doing exercises depending your pain and situation. It was very friendly and a place where everyone knows your name. I highly recommend this PT office. You are a patient, not a number. PS. i am now being cleared and fully functional with absolute no pain! My family and I can't thank you enough. I can now play with my kids with no pain!"
Mar 25, 2020
"A few months ago my 14 yr old daughter had meniscus surgery. Dr Jack and his entire staff are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Total Recovery PT to anyone in need of a facility that is extremely knowledgeable, kind, accommodating & SUPER CLEAN !"
Mar 12, 2020
I had come pretty close to losing my leg in an accident. Once I was told to start PT, I came across Jack's practice. it was small, close to home, and since it was not a huge money-making type of place, rather a more hands-on and personal experience, I chose to schedule to go. I was glad I did as well, the knowledge that Jack and his staff possess was instantly shown, the level of care felt, and I do not think I would be walking right now as well as I am if it were not for TRPT. Taking part in a recovery program suited for me was the best choice I made and I strongly suggest to all those in need of help, to come to TRPT, and honestly do everything they are told in house and in their personal home.

Daniel H.

Dr. Jack is the best DPT. I didn’t think my hand and foot would ever heal, took a while but they are good as new thanks to Dr. Jack. Friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere. The new location is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone.

Jeanine P.

If you need physical therapy, this is the place to go. Don't even think of going anywhere else. I've tried several places and there is no comparison. Due to back issues, I was living in pain every moment of every day. Dr. Zuckerman has brought me to a point where I feel I have my life back. At Total Recovery, you will receive professional, hands-on, personalized care. Dr. Zuckerman is very dedicated, thorough and talented - he truly cares about your progress and well being. His staff is very courteous and professional. You feel very comfortable and at ease here.

Maria M.

Dr. Z is very knowledgeable and My Son Mike always feels better once he leaves. We would not go anywhere else!

Danielle M.

Dr. Zuckerman’s kind and caring approach to PT is very much tailored to your specific pain or injury needs. He provides highly personalized attention and is very good at really listening to your pain and mobility issues. His approach is very hands-on and targeted - your treatment is not at all about being hooked up to machines and left to lie there. Instead, Dr. Zuckerman homes in on the root of the problem and really helps your body to repair itself. In fact, my treatment meant I ended up in better shape flexibility and mobility wise than I’d been in prior to my fall! Dr. Zuckerman is clearly passionate about what he does and readily answers questions and explains how different treatments and exercise works. He’s always ready with a joke and a laugh, too, which certainly helps to make treatment sessions more enjoyable! I unreservedly recommend Total Recovery PT to everyone.

Michele K.

I came to Dr. Z after a wrist injury from dance and I was in a brace for about 2-3 months. Treatment was intense but Dr. Z made it fun. After 3 months of PT with Dr. Z, yesterday for one of our dance classes we had a push-up competition and I was able to participate when about a little more than a month ago I wasn't able to put weight on my wrist. Dr. Z is awesome and I had a great experience at Total Recovery PT.

Toni B.

I have always had problems with both my knees and after several failed attempts with the therapist I found, Dr. Z. He took the time to explain why I keep having injuries and how to prevent it from happening. I like that he is always trying new things and showing you exercises to help with your recovery. I would highly recommend him!

Erin D.

I drive a little over a half-hour to see Dr. Zuckerman and well worth it. Very professional and knows what he's talking about. He always finds the root of the problem your having and tailors your PT for your recovery and how to maintain it. Highly recommend him!

Ralph J.

As with many 50+ year-olds, I had never-ending, often debilitating, aches in my lower back. Most physical therapy centers are P.T. "factories" (i.e, they do NOT listen to your individual medical history). In addition to your back, you need to strengthen your stomach muscles, and other supporting musculature.

Dr. Jack Zuckerman is much, much more than a great back doctor - he'll strengthen your core muscles too. Don't suffer every day as I did for years in constant back pain. So, TODAY, make an appointment - you'll be glad you did. Call Dr. Zuckerman!!

Henry E.

Dr. Z took excellent care of my back. When I started therapy I could hardly stand up straight and had a hard time walking due to my sciatica. Dr. Z targeted my weak spots and set me straight again.

Linda L.

Thank you! I came into TRPT with a terrible back that just wouldn't heal, no matter what I tried. After several sessions, I noticed that I was feeling so much better. This was one of the most important decisions I made and I will continue coming here until I have fully recovered.

Boris D.

Awesome! A great physical therapist with an awesome assistant. I can't say enough about how much better I feel and what a great job they've done!

Susan C.

Dr. Zuckerman is a true master of his craft. With a modern approach and cutting edge methods, he was able to get me back on my feet safely. I've never seen a PT approach their work with the detail and passion he does. Highly recommended!!

Chris L.

I found Total Recovery PT when I switched insurance companies this year, and have been nothing short of impressed with the work they do. Dr. Z and his colleagues are professional and knowledgable, taking the time to explain what they're doing and why. They not only focus on the actual injury or issue you're having, but also address other things that contribute like your posture, how often you're sitting vs. moving throughout the day, etc. Highly recommend!

Victoria R.

Dr. Jack Zuckerman is a top-notch physical therapist. Unlike most PT facilities, Dr. Z only schedules one patient at a time. He has helped me tremendously with a serious knee injury.

Adam M.

Dr. Zuckerman is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. We often refer our patients to his office for his in-depth evaluations and treatment.

Andrea B.